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Writer. Director. Filmmaker.

Accusations and intolerance result in a violent fight when a young woman is forced to join a community whose ideals are deeply divided.

Written & Directed by: Jessica Silvetti

Cinematography: Mariscela Beatríz Méndez

Starring: Yareli Arizmendi, Valeria Maldonado, Alejandra Flores, Toy Lei


IN ABSENTIA | Series Trailer

IN ABSENTIA | Series Trailer

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Dark, mysterious and visually captivating, "In Absentia" is an anthology series consisting of contemporary, dark folk tales that focus on the absence of life's normal order.

Starring: Yareli Arizmendi, Efrain Figueroa, Michael Teh

Written & Directed by: Jessica Silvetti & Ethan Kogan
*The full series can be watched here: